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We're a not-for-profit alternative to other charity fundraising websites, discover what makes us different.


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From tracking donations to integrated payment processing solutions, Fundd can help you manage your charities donations smarter.


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Create your Corporate Campaign in minutes, and accept credit cards, debit cards, and Fundd payments on the go, on any device.**


Earn Grants, Track, and Monitor Seamlessly

We work with charities, offering a range of financial services to help raise and manage the funds they need to have a bigger impact.

At Fundd,

We Want You to Do Great Things. That’s why we created problem - solving charitable financial solutions.

Matched Funding

Boost your team’s fundraising efforts by matching the money they raise. Match funding or incentives are a great way to boost team morale as well as funds. If you want to do matched funding, or just add a donation to every team members' page, we'll handle this at no cost to you.

Your Brand. Your Hub

Give your charity fundraising the platform it deserves with a branded hub to get your team involved and feel motivated. You can fundraise for your charity of the year or multiple charities at once. With all your fundraising in one place, you can easily see the impact of your efforts. This tool is an effective way for businesses of any size to enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and bring teams together for great causes.

Fundraising in the Workplace

Fundraising in the workplace, without the hassle Our free-to-use workplace fundraising tools, for any size of business, take the hassle out of managing fundraising in the workplace. Quick to set up. Free to use. Easily see the impact of your efforts.

Help for Your Team

Your team will get rewards and fundraising incentives and regular emails to celebrate their milestones. Access to our free fundraising hub packed full of advice so you can easily raise more. A free fundraising App for your team to track progress and thank their supporters.

Fundd Service

We’re passionate about good service, it’s what makes us Fundd. Our team is always on hand if you need support, advice or even ideas. You can pick up the phone, drop us an email or visit

Crowdfunding Platform

Our fully-automated crowdfunding platform is designed to execute every aspect of your campaign from conception through completion. Our expert campaign managers will manage the full campaign free of charge.

We help charities, raise more

And that's all we do.

Multi Currency Platform
Fundd Combines Multi-Currency Accounts, Payments, And Card Processing Solutions.
Charity Branding
Campaign pages are customised to reflect your charity's brand using our most strategic and enterprising tools.
Fully Customisable Content
Let your cause shine through with personalised content and campaign imagery.
24/6 Expert Advice
Our Concierge Customer Support Agents will answer your questions, around the clock.
Simple Setup
You can personalise and share your Fundd campaign in just a few minutes.
Gift Aid
Get the most out of your fundraising with our HMRC compliant Gift Aid system - an extra 25%.
Our Trust & Safety team works around the clock to protect you against fraud.
Fundraise with Confidence
Fundd ensures full payment security and is 100% GDPR compliant.

Fundd is for everyone wanting to change the world


Grow your charity on our fundd platform with powerful online tools, lowest platform fees and our Fundd team behind you.


We’ll help you create a fundraising campaign, rally your team and most importantly – make sure your efforts have a real impact.

Charity Cards

Fundd provides global card donation solutions customized for the needs of your charity.

We’re a not-for-profit company from Fundd Group

We don’t believe that business should profit from charity which is why we set up Fundd Money Giving, as a much needed not-for-profit alternative to challenge the status quo.

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